frequently asked questions

    • how do I order custom tags?
      • check the "made to order" section of the website to find custom tag order forms!



    • why are there pictures of crystal tags all over your website if you... don't typically sell them?
      • ...I badly want to sell them, ok?! I am proud of them and I am in pain.
      • the actual answer: I'm too slow at making crystal tags for selling them to be profitable.


      • my shipment hasn't arrived in the expected time frame, or there is a problem with the tracking information. how do I contact you?
        • please contact me at as soon as possible so that I can make sure your wayward tags find their way to you (or I can replace them)
        • due to situations where I have replaced a tag only to have the original arrive shortly afterwards, I have added the following policies for replacing tags that are lost in the mail:
        1.  tags where tracking never updates at all (it looks like they haven't shipped): will be replaced after 7 days
        2.  tags where tracking stops moving after getting scanned at some point: will be replaced after 14 days
        • ...however, if the lost items are "time sensitive," please let me know. I will do whatever I can to meet your deadline!!


      • what's your turnaround time for tags?
        • I am only one person and each tag takes several hours to make. complex tag designs, crystal tags, long taglines and tags with a lot of contact information take MUCH longer to make. because of this, turnaround time varies wildly and is difficult to predict. instead of guaranteeing a set turnaround time, I have provided the following policies. 
        • transparency: my order queue is public on trello, and you can use this to track my progress completing the orders ahead of yours as well as see how long it took me to complete the orders that have recently shipped.
        • cancellations: you can request a full refund if your order is not yet in progress! e-mail me at
        • takeout tags, clickers, tag clips ordered without custom tags: these will ship ASAP (within 3 business days)


      • do you accept time sensitive (rush) orders?
        • I usually don't commit to rush orders due to turnaround time being difficult to predict. if you are interested in this service, please contact me with the date you need to receive your tags by and as much detail as possible about the items you are planning to order.


      • does the paint wear off? do you repair damaged tags?
        • the paint should not wear off. however, because I've chosen to maximize selection over ONLY using the best quality stamps, some stamps hold paint "less well" than others. as a rule, bolder stamps (mostly older design stamps that were less well made and produce wide and shallow impressions) are more likely to allow something to get into the letter and scratch paint out.
        • I will repair tags and I do not charge for this service! I will even pay return shipping to the USA. please e-mail me for my address so you can ship your tags back for a tune-up! maddogmetalworks@gmail
        • the only damage I do not regularly repair or replace is a severely chewed tag.


      • will you donate items for rescue organizations or fundraising?
        • unfortunately, I can't make tags quickly enough to be able to donate them for rescue organizations, fundraising and raffles.  however, cash donations may be possible - I would love to regularly donate to reputable rescue organizations :) e-mail me your ideas!


      • are you interested in vending at my event?
        • I no longer vend at dog events since I no longer compete in dog sports. it is a lot less expensive to sell tags from home than to travel for events, so I usually can't swing it, although I'm sure I would have a grand time meeting all of you :)