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- newest stamps

not pictured, but relatively recently added:

astronaut dog in helmet

large round swirly candy

cute horse



scarab beetle

merle pattern stamps



cute pigs

prancing hippo


sack of money

new labrador face

new german shepherd face


- fonts

fonts are going through a major overhaul!


- symbols

- this section is woefully out of date, my apologies! please email me with any questions about symbol availability. I have more now, and a few have been sold.


MO1: heart monster (large)

S1: alien (medium)

S2: UFO (medium)

S3: earth (medium)

S4: custom UFO (large) (see group pic below)

S5: rocket ship (medium) (see group pic)

S6: rocket ship  (large) (see group pic)

CS1: card suits heart (medium)

CS2: card suits club (medium)

CS3: card suits ace (medium)

CS4: card suits diamond (medium)

AR1: arrow (medium)

AR2: arrow 2 (multiple sizes: medium and large)

AR3: infinity arrow (large)

AR4: split arrow (goes around text) (medium)

AR5: crossed arrows

G1: brain (medium)

G2: lightning bolt (tiny)

G3: open lightning bolt (small)

G4: custom lightning bolt (multiple sizes: medium and large) (not pictured yet)

G5: fleur de lis (medium)

G6: biohazard (large)

G7: caduceus (small)

G8: medical alert (extra large) (see group pic)

G9: angry!!! (small)

G10: four leaf clover (medium)

G11: diamond (large)

G12: bone (medium)

G13: bone (tiny)

G14: custom bone (multiple sizes: medium and large) (see group pic)

G15: custom crown (multiple sizes: medium and large) (see group pic)

G16: extra pointy crown (medium)

G17: jester crown (medium)



G18: heart and paw (medium)

G19: jar of hearts (large)

G20: smiley (multiple sizes: small and medium)

G21: heartbeat (small)

G32: heart with wings (medium and large)

G33: line of flames (extra large)



G22: diploma (small)

G23: grad cap 1 (small)

G24: grad cap 2 (small)

G25: pirate ship (large)

G26: paper airplane (medium)

G27: middle finger icon (multiple sizes: tiny and small)

G28: realistic middle finger (extra large) (see group pic)

G29: rainbow without clouds (small)

G30: microscopic rainbow (tiny)

G31: custom rainbow (multiple sizes: medium and large)

G34: crystal cluster (large)

G35: heart tornado / intertwined hearts (large)

G36: sign (large, can add short text to it)
G37: lumberjack beard (medium)
G38: pixel heart
G39: double note
G40: knives (tiny and large)
G41: pot leaf 1 (many sizes)
G42: pot leaf 2 (many sizes)


dogs and dog sports

DO1: poodle (medium)

DO2: supposedly a husky (medium)

DO3: supposedly a dachshund (small)

DO3: supposedly a doberman (medium)

DO4: dog portrait (small)

A61: rat (small)

DO6: haybale (barn hunt related) (medium)

A43: custom rat (large)

DO5: flyball box (medium and large)
DO55: flyball jump (small and large)

DO7: dog face A

DO8: dog face B (beagle?)

DO9: split face dog with bowtie

DO10: dog face C (cavalier?)

DO11: dog face D (boxer)

DO12: spiked collar (small)


DO13: beauceron (extra large)

DO14: beauceron portrait (large)

DO15: malinois (extra large)

DO16: great dane (extra large)

DO17: heeling dog (large)

DO18: obedience jump (large, medium)

DO19: dumbbell (large, medium)

DO20: ribbon (large, small)


DO21: weave poles

DO22: agility jump

DO23: dock dog

DO24: tennis ball

DO25: disc dog 1

DO26: disc dog 2


DO27: doberman (large)

DO28: rottweiler (large)

DO29: amstaff? (large)

DO30: shepherdy thing (large)

DO31: schnauzer (large) (not pictured yet)


other animals

A25: howling wolf and moon (large)

A26: coyote (tiny)

A27: custom coyote (medium and large)

A1: hanging sloth (small)

A2: llama (small)

A3: moose (large)

A4: squirrel (medium)

A5: large owl (large)

A6: snake (small)

A7: snail (medium)

A8: cartoon mouse (medium)

A9: cartoon pig (medium)

A10: cartoon sheep (medium)

A11: cartoon giraffe (medium)

A12: cartoon cow (medium)

A13: sheep (small, I have this stamp facing both directions too)

A14: lamb (tiny)

A15: custom sheep (large)

A16: lizard (tiny)

A17: panda (medium)

A18: tree frog (small)

A19: raven (tiny)

A20: bird 1 (large)

A21: bird 2 (medium)

A22: sitting cat (medium)

A23: cat with bowtie (medium)

A24: cat portrait (tiny)

A28: stylized deer (medium)

A29: bat (small)

A30: non-copyright violating bat signal-ish stamp (small)

H3: custom bat (extra large)

A43: custom rat (large)

A44: custom snake (large and medium)


A31: chicken (small)

A32: rooster (small)

A33: chick (tiny)


A34: bold butterflies (multiple sizes: tiny and small)

A35: detailed butterfly (large)

A36: super cute bees (multiple sizes: tiny and small)

A37: bold bee (large) (pictured below)

A38: luna moth (large) (pictured below)

A39: dragonfly (medium)

A40: horse running (small)

A41: sleepy owl (medium)

A42: awake owl (medium)


A45: custom sunglasses llama portrait (large)

A46: custom sunglasses llama full body (large and extra large)

A47: lion (large)

A48: bigger chick (medium)

A49: bigger hen (large) (not pictured yet)

A50: kangaroo (large) (not pictured yet)

A52: bird 3 (large)

A53: crow (medium)

A54: sitting bear (medium)

A55: cat skull (large)

A56: rabbit (small)

A57: sugar glider (tiny)

A58: cute hanging sloth (medium)

A59: bookworm (tiny)

A60: tiger (medium)

A61: rat (small)
A62: firefly (super tiny)


missing: kangaroo


sea life

SEA1: dead fish #1 (medium)

SEA2: dead fish #2 (small)

SEA4: anglerfish (large)

B11: seahorse (small)

SEA5: simple realistic whale (large)

SEA6: carp (small)
SEA7: crab (small)
SEA8: lobster (small)
SEA9: octopus (small)
SEA10: fishing pole
SEA11: jellyfish (medium-large)


DI1: triceratops (large)

DI7: "adult dinosaur" (medium, almost large)

DI8: "baby dinosaur" (medium)

DI2: velociraptor (3 sizes varying from large to extra large) (pictured below)

DI3: t-rex (3 sizes varying from large to extra large) (pictured below)

DI4: brontosaurus (pictured below, bottom right) (large)

DI6: t-rex face (large)


F1: pizza slice (small) (stamp available facing both directions)

F2: cherries with leaf (small)

F3: cupcake (small)

F4: strawberry (small)

F5: chocolate dipped strawberry (small)

F6: pineapple (medium)

F7: donut (small)

F8: knife and fork (medium)

F9: avocado (small)

F10: apple (medium)

F18, 19 and 20: craft beer glasses (small individually, medium as a group)

F11: margarita (medium)

F12: wine bottle (small)

F13: wine glass (large)

F21: wine glass (small)

F14: beer glass (medium)

F15: custom smiley donut (large and extra large)

F16: custom winky donut (large and extra large)

F17: custom cinnamon roll (large)

F22: martini glass (small)
F30: shotglass (tiny)
F23: rum bottle (large)
F24: familiar bottle (large)
F25: another familiar bottle (large)
F26: pie (medium)
F27: popsicle (small)
F28: small taco (small)
F29: medium taco (medium)
H8: pumpkin (medium)
F30: eggplant (medium)
F31: peach (medium)


FL1: Mrs. Poppy (large)

FL2: Mrs. Poppy (large)

FL3: echinacea face (large)

FL4: flower with stem (medium)

FL5: leaves with stem (medium)

FL6: flower 1 (small)

FL7: carnation 1 (small)

FL8: carnation 2 (medium)

FL9: flower 2 (small)

FL10: flower 3 (tiny)

FL11: rose (small)

FL12: rose with stem and leaves (multiple sizes: large and medium)

flower spam: ask for this and you will receive a mix of F5-F11 in the corners or surrounding the text on the tag

M7, M8 and M9: mountains best combined to create a mountain range (large)

M1: bold mountain range (extra large-- well, long anyway)

M2: shaded mountain range (large) (this is my FAVORITE mountain stamp, but I knocked it across the room over a year ago and have not found's a big stamp....I have no idea what happened, but I know it has to be here so I haven't replaced it. so.. currently NOT available, but I don't want to remove it because I still have hopes of finding it.)

M3: two shaded peaks (large)

M4: hiking theme (medium)

M5: small mountains (small)

M6: stylized mountains (large)


N1: sunrise (multiple sizes: medium and large)

N2: sun (large) (not pictured)

N3: smiling sun (medium, but the large side of medium)  (not pictured)

N4: dandelion with fluff (fluff is separate and I can scatter it on a tag) (medium)

N5: leaf (multiple sizes: small, medium and large)

N6: oak leaves (multiple sizes: tiny, small, and medium)

N7: succulent 1 (medium)

N8: succulent 2 (medium)

N9: succulent 3 (multiple sizes: medium and large)

N10: cactus (small)

N11: redwood tree (large, very tall)

N12: solid tree (small, tall)

N13: tree (small)

N14: similar tree (two sizes: medium and large)

N15: winter tree (small)

N16: winter tree (medium)

N17: winter tree (large)

N18: pine tree (medium)

N21: swirl cloud (medium)

N22: swirl cloud (large)

N23: peacock feathers (multiple sizes: both are large-ish though)

N24: moon (multiple sizes: small and medium)

N25: iris face (medium)

N26: iris full (large)

N27: sunflower face (medium and large)

N28: sunflower 3/4 (medium and large)

N29: cattails (small)

N30: perfect sunshiney sun (medium)

N31: cute flower with leaves (small)

N32: maple leaf (medium)
N33: sweet peas (large)
N34: cosmos (large)
N35: tulips (large)
N36: realistic moon (large)

 beach stuff

B1: waves texture (medium)

B2: wave (small)

B3: rolling waves (small)

B4: splash wave (large) 

B5: sand dollar (medium)

B6: palm tree (medium)

B7: starfish (medium)

B8: shell (medium)

B9: bigger shell (large) (not pictured yet)

B10: anchor (medium)

B11: seahorse (small)

B12: conch shell (large)


S1: angry skull (medium)

S2: skull and crossbones (medium)

S3: sugar skull (medium, but on the large side of medium)

S4: fancy skull and crossbones (medium)

S5: very small skull and crossbones (tiny)

S6: ghost skull (medium)

S7: crossbones (medium)

S8: combine S6 and S7 to create a (large) skull and crossbones (not pictured)

S9: cute skull and crossbones (medium)


S10: massive skull and crossbones (extra large)

S11: bottom-most tall skull and crossbones (tiny) (see group pic)

S12: bird skull (large) (see group pic)

S13: doodle skull (medium)



U1: rearing unicorn outline (medium)

U2: full body unicorn with star (large)

U3: unicorn portrait with flowers (medium)

U4: prancing unicorn outline (small)


U5: adorable mermicorn (Love Frankie and Lola original design!!) (medium)

U6: unicorn portrait with star (extra large)

U7: pegasus (large)

U8: noodlecorn... a unicorn with noodly legs that is quite pleased with itself (large)

U9: unicorn with heart sunglasses portrait (large)

U10: small sassy unicorn (small)



ME1: kissing mermaid (large)

ME2: mermaid holding starfish (large)

ME3: sitting mermaid (large) 



DR1: flying dragon (medium, almost large)

DR2: dragon portrait (medium, almost large)

DR3: detailed dragon (large)




ETC4: boombox (large)

ETC6: sunglasses (small)

ETC7: mustache (small)

ETC8: game controller (small)

ETC9: robot (medium)

ETC10: cause ribbon (small)



DE1: bubbles/dots/circles texture stamp (medium)

DE2: simple chevron (small)

DE3: 3 lines for emphasis (small)


DE4: square (multiple sizes: tiny and medium)

DE5: triangle (medium)

DE6: perfect chevron (small)

DE7: swooshy bit (large, goes well with rocket ship)
DE8: star lines (turns star into shooting star)


ETC1: bandage (small)

ETC2: jeep-ish thing (small)

ETC3: motorcycle (medium)


USA1: USA flag #1

USA2: USA flag #2

USA3: custom USA flag (not pictured yet)



H1: zombie full body (large)

H2: zombie head (large)

H3: cute bat (extra large)

H4: boo ghost (large and medium)

H5: unamused ghost (large and medium)

H6: christmas tree (large)

H7: santa hat (small)

H8: pumpkin (medium)

- examples of fonts on actual tags

mad dog




go fetch!










fresh ink













scrapbook (not currently available)


casual (not currently available)