Our new stickers are made exclusively with photos and artwork generously submitted by customers! 

You guys rock, thank you so much.


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Canis Nerdus - pet art and positive reinforcement propaganda!

Rosewood Pond - quality, local, organic and delicious freeze dried treats!

JoAnna Platzer Photography


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Adriana Nottestad

Derek Navarro

Nicole Detmers

Julia Lang

Tyler Myers

Heather Masch

Kimberly Hoeppner

Bella Rowe

Laura Kauffman

Alyssa Seagle

Peyton Matthers

Hillary Fuentes


Want to submit your photos for stickers? If you are okay with them being sent randomly to many people, I would so appreciate it. It may be a while until I order another batch, but I would love to have your photos be a part of it. And I will send you some of "your" stickers! You can e-mail them to maddogmetalworks @