shruggie wristband

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die-cut shrug emoji and "it's just a dog show" in a type font on the back.

the mediums of this design were all misprinted :c

width: 3/4" - 1" wide


it is said that your perfect wristband size is 1" larger than your exact wrist size, but I have no idea if that's accurate for everyone! of course, it's stretchy and it doesn't have to be sized perfectly to work, so there's a lot of wiggle room, but the wristband needs to fit over your hand and not be so big that it falls off!

small - 7" around

medium - this is the default "universal" size for silicone wristbands. 8" around

large - 8.5" around

(medium does work for my 6" wrist but small is a much better fit!)