small FOOD TRUCK tag clip

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  • this one is seriously ALMOST PERFECT!! but the medium is more versatile overall

  • fit on almost everything I tried, despite the small size. these can even fit on d-rings up to 2” wide IF it is the thinnest style of hardware.

  • lightweight zinc alloy with a plated finish

  • cheap in the good way and the bad way (lightweight zinc alloy seems like a good choice for a tag clip, but the plated finish may wear off)

  • small size - 7/8" long, 1/4" push gate opening, 3/4" wide

  • pro: good choice if minimizing tag clip size is the top priority

  • con: compared to the medium size, it is significantly more difficult to move on and off of collars

  • con: made from slightly less thick metal than the medium size, so I worry a little that it’s more breakable